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My father-in-law, is 70 years old, I don't think after having this item stored in his pole barn for 6 years he plans to go camping too soon. He told us to place it on eBay for him since he has no internet experience. I believe this camper is in good shape for its age. In fact, I would buy it myself but for one reason, I live downtown and have no place to store it. The nonrefundable deposit is to assure no one bids foolishly on it and then we are stuck reselling such a large item on eBay. It was started at $1500 and is worth twice the price maybe more from what I have seen on eBay, the same year and models are selling for much more. It is ready to tow, weight 4100 pounds, length 23 feet from front to back less tognue, and the title is clear. Any defects are minor there is a musty smell from being stored for such a long period and some of the locks need repair. Tires are up but weathered there are four.
Ok, that's the pictures! If you want to bid, go to Ebay and have a great day!