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Hardy, Black, Melchi, Vernon

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My name is Wendy Lynn (Hardy) Black and my spouse is Brian Gene Black.

This site contains ancestors, photos, and history of these 4 surnames. If you

Need to contact me please write me below.

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Current Projects

Family Trees

I am currently to a point in these trees that the internet holds no further information. However people may have personal items such as; family bibles, birth certificates and military records that hold additional information. I plan to continue my research by attending various family reunions.

Family Videos.

As of now, I have one VHS tape of the Black family that I plan to place video clips on another page soon. I will keep you posted. 9/14/02

Melchi, Vernon, and Black Photos.

Currently I have links to the photos on the Hardy family. More photos will be posted soon, if you want to contribute any photos I will make a page for those. Please note who is in the photo.

There are some photos I have posted here that nobody seems to have names for the people. Take a look and see if you might know someone.

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Historical Facts

The Hardy line originates from Jay County, Indiana and goes back five generations. The Black family comes from North Carolina seven generations ago. The Melchi (Malchi) clan came over from Ireland seven generations ago. The Vernon family tree by far the longest comes from England fourteen generations ago.

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Personal Interests

I like camping, working outside, crafting, and traveling.

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Last Revised: September 23, 2002